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The Production Process Of Polyurethane Foamed Plastics Is Gradually Improved
May 27, 2017

At present, rigid polyurethane foams are used one-step production, that is, a variety of raw materials mixed after foaming molding. But this to the construction unit to bring great trouble, especially spraying foam molding, construction site poor working conditions, the construction team to take seven or eight kinds of raw materials, to the site ingredients, operation cumbersome, long cycle, affecting the progress of foaming molding operations.
For the convenience of production, many manufacturers now put polyether polyol or other polyols, catalysts, foam stabilizer, foaming agent, such as raw materials mixed together, called "white", when used with Papi (commonly known as "black Material") in two-component mixed foaming. Because there is no chemical reaction before the mixed foaming, it is still called "one step".
The two-component technology can shorten the construction period effectively, simplify the procedure and improve the labor productivity. So this method is currently widely used by users.