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Safety Of PVC Compound Stabilizers
Apr 27, 2018

    The safety of PVC composite stabilizers has attracted increasing attention. The safety of PVC compound stabilizers should be considered from three aspects:

    One is the safety of the raw material processors, the second is the user's safety protection, and the third is the safety of the waste to the environment.

    The safe protection of the processor can be solved by measures such as liquefaction of the stabilizer, pasting, granulation and the like. For the user's safety protection, the stabilizer can be quantified by molecular weight or a reactive stabilizer can be prepared to improve its resistance to pumping.

    However, considering that the stabilization is a molecular-level chemical reaction, the above method is not the most suitable method. A good method is to use a high-safety stabilizer. When selecting the stabilizer, the safety of the chemical substances generated by the reaction between the resin and the stabilizer or the stabilizer in the stabilization process must also be considered.

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