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PVC Artificial Leather
Mar 01, 2018

1948 appeared PVC leather (pvc leather) [1] is coated on the fabric PVC resin, plasticizer, stabilizer additives made a paste, or further laminating a layer of PVC film, then after a certain the process of machining steel. Products, high strength, easy processing and low cost. Do all kinds of bags, seat covers, linings, and other debris. However, oil resistance, poor heat resistance, low temperature flexibility and poor texture.
Leatherette Overview
Leather is polyvinyl chloride or other resin composition of the mixture with certain additives, coated or laminated on a substrate, and then processed and made of a composite material, it is similar to natural leather, a soft, wear characteristics .
The traditional products of PVC artificial leather artificial leather, in recent years has emerged polyolefin leather, nylon, leather and other new varieties.
Synthetic leather (artificial leather) refers to the composition, structure and appearance is very similar to natural leather and synthetic leather. It is generally refers to the polyurethane raw material, non-woven fabric as the base material of the products.
Leather use leather in almost any occasion Instead, for the production of a variety of daily necessities and industrial supplies.
PVC artificial leather Category
PVC artificial leather artificial leather is the main species, in addition to the substrate and the structure can be divided into several categories, in general, according to the production method is divided into the following categories.
(1) Scraping method such as PVC leather coated directly scraping method ① ② indirect PVC leather PVC artificial leather coat scraping method, also known as transfer method PVC leather (including the law and release paper strip method);
(2) calender PVC leather;
(3) extrusion of PVC artificial leather;
(4) rotary screen coating PVC artificial leather.
From the use can be divided into shoes, bags used, such as certain kinds of flooring materials. PVC artificial leather for the same kind, according to different classification methods, respectively belong to different categories. If City cloth leather, can be made of ordinary scratching leather, foam leather can also be made.