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Plumbum Additive Plumbum Stearate Powder, Used as PVC Metal Soap Stabilizer

Plumbum Additive Plumbum Stearate Powder, Used as PVC Metal Soap Stabilizer

Product Name: Plumbum Stearate

Application: PVC Metal Soap Stabilizer

CAS Number: 1072-35-1

Plumbum additive Plumbum stearate powder, used as PVC metal soap stabilizer

Plumbum stearate powder is one kind of metal soap plumbum additive. It is widely used as PVC metal soap stabilizer for many PVC products.
This product is an efficient heat stabilizer and lubricant in hypothermia processing that can inhibit initial color and has persistent heat stabilizer and light stabilizer. It can play the synergetic effect with Tri-basic Lead Sulfate with good transparency, insulativity and low price.

Excellent lubricant and good heat Stability.
Used as a heat stabilizer and lubricant for rigid and soft products.

Technical Index

Product name

Plumbum stearate


White micro powder





PbO (%)


Heating loss (%)


Acid (stearate%)


SG (25°C)


Melting point (°C)


Sieving (0.075mm)%


1. Used As an external lubricant,stabilizer in rigid and flexible plastics independently in some cases and generally with other lead stabilizers for high heat stablility;
2. Used in rigid plates and pipes;
3. Especially suitable for wire and cable making products;
4. Used in piping, hard transparent plate, film and sheeting, photograph records;
5. Used for pvc extrusion and injection products;
6. Mainly used for various opaque flexible and rigid PVC products, such as rigid pipes, rigid sheets, sheets, films, cables, and artificial leather products etc.

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Guangzhou Baisha Plastics New Materials Co.,Ltd (The former name:Guangzhou Baisha Plastics Factory) was founded in 1997, which is the Hi-Tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, the factory is covering an area over 26 thousand square meters.


As the leader company in this field, we pay more attention to the product quality. We were the first to bring in advanced technology and production equipments from abroad, as well as complete sets of facilities and various of testing devices, strong technology strength. The company is nowadays operated under the strict and standardized management system, which enabled a steady foundation for the future development.

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Delivery & Packing
Packing: 20kg per bag
Delivery time: 3 working days after payment

If the plumbum additive plumbum stearate powder, used as pvc metal soap stabilizer caters to your requirement, welcome to contact our supplier in China. We are one of the leading manufacturers of various stabilizers, equipped advanced facilities and technology. Please be free to enjoy our competitive price and excellent service. For more info, contact our factory now.

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